This pool is currently in maintenance mode.
  Visit for the mining software needed to mine this pool, this is the only miner that will work with this pool.
View the Getting Started Page for information on setting up the miner.
Please make sure that your wallet is synced with the latest block before sending any coins.
Help Secure The Centurion Future Network
posted 09/27/2018 21:06:55

Help Secure The Centurion Future Network by encouraging users to mine and establish their wallets

Network Sync
posted 09/21/2018 15:15:18

Still waiting on wallet sync. Please make sure all wallets are synced to the latest block on blockchain explorer. Thank you for your patience.

Network Stability
posted 09/13/2018 21:14:18

Due to the network stability at this time pool mining will be suspended until the network catches up to the current block. All balances and hash rates are still preserved, feel free to withdraw any balances.Please keep your wallets synced with the latest block on block explorer and continue staking. If your wallet it not up to the current block please backup your wallet file and sync the wallet to the latest chain using a new wallet. Once the wallet is fully synced you can shutdown the wallet and replace the wallet.dat file with your backup file and resume sync. Thank you for your patience.

Official Centurion Future Mining Pool
posted 07/31/2018 15:03:23

Thank you for your continued support. Centurion Future.